New Products Developed In April


A new emergency light LX-623L come out in April of 2021.

This dual head light is designed and made according to suggestion and demand of our clients in USA and middle  east. These clients all mentioned they wanted emergency lights suitable to be installed in warehouse.Considering the shelf is very high and the emergency light need to be installed at wall higher than the shelf. That requires high illumination to see goods clearly. So the engineer designed this dual head emergency light. Detailed specification as below:

*Fire retardant ABS housing, safe material for fire protection

*Light source: SMD2835 2*84PCS LEDs with high illumination,  

2 round heads are 360degrees adjustable

*Input Voltage: AC100V-240V 50/60HZ suitable for USA and middle east market

*AC Power: 15W

*Emergency Illumination: >1620lm.

*Built-in lead-acid battery provides at least 180minutes backup power in the event of a power outage:12V 7AH,it is rechargeable battery,maximum 24 hours for full recharging time,with battery overcharge and discharge protection
*Powerful self-test and self-diagnostic function: As soon as AC power is supplied to the emergency light ,the unit will automatically initiate a self-test and self-diagnostic test.Red led indicator Verifies battery failure (disconnection、shorted、voltage drops below than acceptable value), charger board failure, lamps failure,switching power supply failure at every 5 seconds.
*Except self-test function, the unit has a test button for manual test.

*Dimming option:When the luminaire is in emergency mode, with the test button, we can choose the illumination of 100%, 50%, 33% or turned off,either to increase autonomy time or not to consume the battery power unnecessarily. This option is canceled when the

network is restored.

*Degrees of cover protection: IP65

*Suitable for both commercial and warehouse areas

 The technician has finished self test of samples. We are applying for UL now. Certification is going to come out by September of 2021.


Post time: Apr-07-2021